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April 2023

Author: Pasquale Di Palmo

Title: Days of Cruel Separation


This is one of the most challenging of Di Palmo's books. It contains the pregnant poem Centro Alzheimer, dedicated to his father Cosimo, and Canzone delle torri telemetriche, composed during the recent pandemic.                           

                                                      Marco Vitale

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February 2023

Author: Luisa Puttini Hall

Title: Fireflies in the Wood


«Leaning against a mudguard / 

    we are in this instant /

    both on Earth and elsewhere»                           

                                                  Luisa Puttini Hall

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January 2023

Author: Annalisa Macchia

Title: You Cannot stare at the Sun


Annalisa Macchia's honest poetry conserves the breath and rhythm of tenderness, an emotive and expressive quality.                            

                                                     Plino Perilli

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March 2022

Author: Giuseppe Grattacaso

Title: The Will-Be World 


Giuseppe Grattacaso is one of our most talented sidereal poets; his observation reaches out to the inquiry about the boundaries of cosmos, the existence, nature, and purpose of the Creator.                        

                                                  Alessandro Fo


January 2022

Author: Luigi Cannillo

Title: Between Windows and Skies


Luigi Cannillo is a poet whose work deserves to be read in its entirety to enable us to review, not only his own private life, but also the universality of the sky.                           

                                                     Luca Ariano 


October 2021

Author: Henry Ariemma 

Title: A Gallon of Kerosene


Ariemma's poetry is that of a young, new stoic: why not? First there is sentiment, then feeling...                            

                                                       Plino Perilli


July 2021

Author: Sergio D'Amaro

Title: The Bridge of Hiedelberg


D'Amaro reveals a background in cross-references either explicit or inexplicit.                            

                                                     Cosma Siani


April 2021

Author: Patrizia Villani

Title: Sea Nest


A joy which Villani finds intact in the enumeration of sensations that are old and new at the same time, forever carved into the substance of memory.                           

                                         Giancarlo Pontiggia


February 2021

Author: Amos Mattio

Title: The Mechanism Behind


Un lavoro raffinato con una serie di immagini di limpida ed enigmatica presenza...                            

                                              Maurizio Cucchi


February 2021

Author: Maria Rita Bozzetti

Title: Permanent Migration 


The poet is celebrating an infinite passage of the "I" towards hopes and new prospects, a "migration" indeed and a long route courageously taken to "prolong a dream"...                         

                                      Vincenzo Guarracino


October 2020

Author: Luigi Martellini

Title: The Last Ones, Poems 2017-2020


Un libro denso e compatto sull'alfa-omega, sul tutto e nulla della vita, che coinvolge e commuove il lettore.                           

                                              Luigi Fontanella


September 2020 

Author: Alessandro Carrera

Title: Songs of Purgatory


... Non è mai stata mia intenzione allontarnarmi troppo dalla seducente musica della metrica e delle rime.                           

                                         Alessandro Carrera


July 2020

Author: Alessandra Paganardi

Title: A Dream of Words


The poet Paganardi is a tireless investigator of the most hidden enclosures of our souls, continuously looking for a beneficial fountainhead that can become a "warm shelter" ...                           

                                           Irene Marchegiani


May 2020

Author: Annelisa Alleva

Title: Selected Poems


Her poetry accompanies us from the singularity to the unequal harmony of the whole.                           

                                                 Paolo Febbraro


March 2020

Author: Giancarlo Pontiggia

Title: The Motion of Things


Al centro del libro, la poesia su Kythera, immota e mitica nel suo splendore sovrano: una sosta di luce e di bellezza gratuita...                           

                                         Giancarlo Pontiggia


February 2020

Author: Marco Vitale 

Title: Emblems of Sleep & Other Poems


Where shall I rest / by what unhealable fate do the lamps end up coinciding?                        

                 Tr. into English by Barbara Carle


January 2020

Author: Fabrizio Dall'Aglio

Title: And Ink Like This


Here, then, is a timeless poet of the Italian world.                         

      Thomas McCarthy - Alessandro Gentili

Songs of Purgatory, by Alessandro Carrera


"This book is made up of five poems and sixteen songs, and it would not exist without Ron Banerjee's translations, which have preserved, whenever it was possible, the rhythm and the rhyme scheme of the original Italian text. Songs and rhymed poetry are supposed to be untranslatable - until you find the right translator, that is, and this book is proof that I did find the right translator. "

(A. Carrera)

 Recording, editing, and mix: Yuka Acanfora, Giuseppe Gallucci, c/o Aeroplano studio, Via Pinturicchio 25, 20133 Milano, Italy.

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